Here's Why The NBA is Now Investigating Kyrie Irving

Looks like Kyrie Irving has taken over for James Harden when it comes to the headlines of the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets point guard left the team unannounced recently which left his head coach, Steve Nash thinking he was just resting, to now missing multiple games.

Turns out there's more. Irving was spotted partying with friends without a mask on and is now getting investigated.

Footage has surfaced Monday of him at his Sister's birthday party with a ton of people and nobody's wearing a mask. It's tough to swallow considering Irving stated he didn't feel safe playing basketball in the bubble, meanwhile you see this kind of stuff going on.

Either way, the NBA is a better place when Irving is handling the rock and let's hope this can all get resolved soon and we can see Irving back with the Nets.

Photo credit:  Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

Here's The Videos That Has The NBA Investigating: