Draymond Green Calls Out The Refs After Bizarre Ejection

Draymond Green and the officials of the NBA have a very interesting relationship. Green loves to talk smack when he's on the court and he plays an intense aggressive style, so it's only natural the refs keep a close eye on number 23 of the Golden State Warriors. 

And sometimes, Green is in the wrong and knows he should have been ejected or called for the foul, and he's usually the first one to admit that. However on Thursday night, it was the refs that made a huge mistake and Green is left wondering why it was never overturned.

The Warriors were taking on the Knicks on Thursday and late in the second quarter Green turned the ball over on a pass that was intended for rookie James Wiseman and Green appeared to yell at Wiseman regarding the play. Sure enough the official, John Butler thought Green was talking to him and threw him out.

Here's what the Warriors veteran had to say about the second-year official's call:

I'm just a little bit confused. Officials can meet and make a decision on any call throughout the game, but when it comes to a technical that was clearly the wrong call due to the official assuming I was talking to him when in fact I wasn't, that can't be overturned? Maybe it's time to take a look at that rule. I would love clarity on why that's a rule, if in fact it is a rule

And while Green voiced his displeasure about the call and the fact it was never changed, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke with the officials, and it turns out they apologized for their wrong-doing:

Ben Taylor came out and told me it was a mistake. John Butler didn't realize he [Green] was yelling at a teammate, he thought he was yelling at him

The Warriors went on to lose the game 119-104 to the Knicks. Here's everything you missed:

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