Video: Shaq Calls Out Donovan Mitchell and James Harden

Shaquille O'Neal is trying his best to boost the ratings of the NBA on TNT as the big-man continues to go after NBA players and call them out about their games. While he thinks he's motivating them, Shaq needs to realize these players don't care what a retired NBA center thinks about them. 

You would think Shaq would have quit after this interview with Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets, but no, the mayhem continues. Now it's Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden who get to hear Shaq's two cents.

Here's the video from last night where Shaq and Mitchell have an awkward exchange:

As for Harden, Shaq thinks he 'hasn't done anything' and that this season is now a Championship or bust year for the Arizona State product. Harden got wind of Shaq's terrible take and posted this to his Instagram. 

For such a fun loving guy, what's with Shaq throwing so much shade?

Photo credit: © Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports