Schröder Comments on his Future as a Laker

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schröder is an unrestricted free agent following this season, but he wants to let it be known that he has thoroughly enjoyed the short period of time he has spent with the Lakers organization thus far:

The chemistry is amazing. That’s the reason why I think I want to be here long-term, but like I said before, it’s always got to be fair on both ends. If it’s fair, then I ain’t got no problem. It’s going to be great to be here long-term, for sure.

The Lakers and the German-born guard entered negotiations around Christmas time when it was reported that Schröder turned down a 2-year, S33.4 million contract, but perhaps it wasn't the salary so much as the term that was the reason for the hesitance.  Twice he mentioned wanting to be in Los Angeles "long-term", and at just 27 years old and perhaps his best basketball still in front of him, the Lakers should strongly consider showing him the money.

The Lakers and Schröder should be able to come to an agreement, simply because it seems like both sides are interested in continuing their partnership.  The Lakers have already made an offer and the 6'3" guard has bought into the way he has been used by Frank Vogel so far, despite the fact, his usage and points per game are down from previous seasons:

I’m glad and grateful that I’m on this team and this organization and I can go out every night and kick some ass and just play. I think right now, we’re still learning, we’re still in progress, but we can still get better … it can get better from here.

The two parties may now be waiting for February 16th when the team can offer a more lucrative deal, but it sounds like "The Menace" is going to be in purple and gold for the foreseeable future.

It also helps when you get along well with "The King" LeBron James:

Photo credit: PI/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire