The PJ Tucker Trade Rumors Are Heating Up!

Houston Rockets forward PJ Tucker has been around the block and having his name in trade rumors is nothing new. The 35-year-old veteran swingman was discussed in several James Harden deals and eventually, as we now know, was not included.

So far this season, Tucker has appeared in 11 games and is averaging 5.8 points, five rebounds and 1.5 assists per game. The three-and-D forward is also averaging 46% from three and is known as one of the better on-ball defenders in the league. A ton of playoff bound teams will be coming calling for Tucker, but will Houston end up keeping the Texas product around?

The Latest on PJ Tucker:

Sources indicate there is an extension on the table as Tucker is headed for free-agency this upcoming offseason. To this point, it sounds like he's going to wait it out and see what types of teams come calling for his services via trade and go from there. Don't expect to see him cave into a 'cheap' extension with the Rockets just yet.

Here's Tucker Speaking to the Media on Monday:

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