Video: Cousins, Refs Still Don't Get Along

Demarcus Cousins is finally healthy, and that's good news for fans of the Houston Rockets and the NBA as a whole, as the polarizing center is one of the more entertaining players in the league. Unfortunately for "Boogie", NBA officials don't typically find his antics amusing and they have no qualms about T-ing up the 4-time All-Star.  

In this particular case, it seems like the men in stripes were a little whistle-happy, and we've definitely seen players with more favourable reputations get away with more offensive outbursts. The push against former teammate Willie Cauley-Stein certainly warranted a tech, but to remove the big man just 3 minutes into the game for throwing his arms up in the air seems a little silly.

It's hard not to feel for Cousins, who seemingly can't catch a break over the last few seasons.  He's had a hard enough time staying on the court due to a plethora of injuries, not to mention the foul trouble he frequently finds himself in when he does play.  An extraordinarily talented center who should be on a max-contact, Boogie is currently playing for the league-minimum salary as a result of his misfortunes.

With uncertainty surrounding James Harden and his future with the team, the last thing the Rockets need is another distraction.  Hopefully, this is an anomaly and we get to see the full potential of the Wall-Cousins pairing at least, as a "Big 3" featuring Harden no longer seems to be a part of the plan.      

Photo credit: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire