Shot-Blocking John Wall Says He's The GOAT

John Wall has been balling so far in Houston, impressively showing no signs of rust despite playing with a new team and missing the past two years of action. Wall has wowed observers with a number of highlights and averages of 25 points and 7.5 assists through the Rockets' first two games, but it's another stat that Wall recently discussed that has the league buzzing: blocks.

More specifically, blocks from a point guard.  The former first overall pick thinks he's the best EVER, according to a recent tweet from Mark Berman:     

Anytime you claim to be the greatest at something in human history, it's sure to cause some debate, but luckily for Wall, there are only a handful of players in the history of the NBA at his position who can lay claim to being a great shot blocker.  

Dwayne Wade and Ron Harper have both been mentioned, but both men also spent the vast majority of their careers at shooting guard.

Eric Bledsoe is definitely in the discussion, and he just blocked a shot to win a game last week, but he has never come close to averaging even 1 block per game, unlike Wall.  

Dennis Johnson is a 3-time NBA Champion who averaged as many as 1.2 blocks per game in a season and was a defensive ace for the Celtics in the 80s, but many of today's fans probably don't recall the days when "D.J." was a serious threat on the court.

What do you think? Is John Wall the greatest shot-blocking point guard in NBA history? It might sound crazy at first but if he can stay healthy, he'll have plenty of chances to prove it.  

Photo Credit: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire