Warriors Coach Spoke to Kelly Oubre Jr About Trade Rumors

Earlier this week we reported on news that dropped regarding Golden State Warriors forward Kelly Oubre Jr being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans for Lonzo Ball and/or JJ Redick.

The story went viral and turns out even the Warriors got word of the rumors spreading as head coach Steve Kerr addressed them with Oubre himself before the Dubs took the court against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday.

Here's what Kerr had to say about the conversation:

Yeah, I talked to him about it. It's unfortunate. A team called us and asked ... and didn't even make an offer. Just asked about Kelly. Next thing we know it's online. This is sort of the modern NBA.

This is where (players earn their) money. The basketball part is the easy part. Packing up your family and leaving, getting injured, getting booed, or reading your name in trade rumors, those things are not easy. ... We texted this afternoon, and then I told him just now how proud I was. Because it's not easy to play through that stuff. He came in and had one of his best games.

Oubre himself was as candid as ever after the Warriors won the game and had this to say about how Kerr approached him:

I was really blessed to hear from him in the midst of something that's very controversial in one's life.

For him to just reach out and just talk me through it, it's been great," he added. "It did not affect my game tonight. At the end of the day, I'm just a Warrior, like I told him let's go get this f------ win.

And that they did....

 Photo credit: © Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports