Jimmy Butler Calls Out Bam Adebayo, Among Others

Jimmy Butler isn't here for the NBA turning soft and on Saturday called his teammates out for being bullied by other teams. The vocal leader of the Miami Heat isn't happy with what he's seen lately and wants the struggle to end immediately.

The Heat lost their 10th game of their last 16 after they were beat Friday by the dismal Minnesota Timberwolves. The team sits at 28-28 with only 16 games left in the regular season.

Here's what Butler had to say about his soft teammates:

It’s not frustrating because we do it so often. It’s almost like it’s expected, in a bad way to put it. We just think we’re such a good team, and then reality hits us, we’re humbled. And I’m glad because that’s what this game does for you. Home, away, no matter what opponent you’re playing against, you just stroll into the game thinking you’re nice, you’re good, this is what happens. I’m glad it happened to us. And if we don’t fix it, I hope it continues to happen to us. We’re just being soft. That’s it. Not getting into bodies, scared of some contact. Soft overall.

The Heat currently sit in a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and take on the powerhouse Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.  Butler even went as far as calling out specifically Bam Adebayo who signed a massive $163 million extension before the season started:

I want Bam to attack the rim because nobody can stay in front of him. Nobody can stay in front of him. Go. You’re going to get fouled or you’re going to dunk on somebody. That’s cool. I love him shooting midrange jump shots too, but he lets people off the hook. Play bully ball. I like bully ball. I can’t tell you which way we’re going to go. I don’t know what team is going to show up on any given night.

There's trouble in paradise as Heat fans hope they can get on the same page before the playoffs.

Photo credit: © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports