2 Toronto Raptors Likely to be Traded This Summer

The Toronto Raptors had a terrible season in 2020-21 and management has some big decisions to make on the direction of their franchise. While it certainly feels like it's going to be a subtle rebuild for Raptors fans, management is looking at it as more of a re-tool to get back to a powerhouse team in the East. 

2 Raptors Likely to be Traded:

Pascal Siakam: If the Raptors decide they need to tinker with the core, Siakam is the first to go. He's struggled in the postseason and hasn't looked like someone who can make the shot when it counts the most. He's still young at 27 and has a lot of value on the open market. There were rumblings about a trade to the Charlotte Hornets and it seems like those talks have picked up steam. If there's a big trade coming from the Raps this offseason, there's no doubt Siakam is involved.

Rodney Hood: The lefty Duke product made his way to the Raptors via a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers, and while he showed flashes of brilliance, it's likely the team heads in another direction. Hood is supposed to be a decent 3-And-D option for the Raps, but didn't shoot the ball well from deep and had trouble defending. In 17 games with Toronto, Hood averaged just 3.9 ppg. Not good enough and look for management to find another suitor for the veteran wing.

The Raptors need to get President Masai Ujiri a new contract and once that order of business is settled, look for Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster to get to work and change the feel of this team.

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