Brooklyn Nets Coach Heartbroken for James Harden After Game 1 Injury

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash wants his best players to play in the NBA playoffs but unfortunately it looks like the team will be moving forward without star James Harden who left Game 1early after re-aggravating his hamstring injury.

Harden was forced to depart from the Nets opening matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks and as of right now it doesn't appear he's going to be available to play in Game 2. His head coach feels for him and just wants him back to 100% healthy and on the floor:

You never want to see that from someone like James who's such an important player, such an incredible player, and cares so much. I'm heartbroken for him. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if he's playing next game, if he's out, I have no idea.... This guy was so ready and excited to play tonight. And you know the preparation he puts in, you know how much he cares about the game, how much he cares about his team, so you never want to see that when someone gives everything they have toward this.

Harden departed just 43 seconds into the game as he felt something on his first drive to the bucket. The 31-year-old missed almost 20 consecutive games late in the regular season with the very same injury. Harden underwent an MRI on Saturday night and the Nets are holding their breath hoping for good news on Sunday. Despite the injury to Harden, the Nets managed to hang out to a 115-107 victory in Game 1 and will look to expand their lead on Monday in Brooklyn.

Photo credit: © Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports