Drake Mocks Klay Thompson on Social Media as Friendly Beef Hits Another High


Klay Thompson went viral this weekend, giving Drake a little cringeworthy shout-out during his Instagram Live 'Boat Klay' session with fans. Of course, Drake couldn't let that slide without a response. A 'remix' that can't be missed:

Maybe Drake thought Klay was being a bit sarcastic at the wheel of his boat when he said "Shout-out Drake, Artist of the Decade. Man, that's impressive", then admitting, "we had a little beef, we had the city turned up!" 

At the 2019 NBA Finals between Thompson's Golden State Warriors and Drake's hometown Toronto Raptors, Klay joked that he'd steer clear of listening to any of Drake's "soft R&B songs" during the Finals. 

With this friendly rivalry, all we can say is, "What's Next"?

Photo Credit: @LetsGoWarriors