Danny Green Continues To Comment On Ben Simmons' Shooting Woes

Danny Green has been vocal when discussing the 76ers' shortcomings in this year's playoffs, as well as commenting on Simmons' shooting struggles on numerous occasions. Most recently, while speaking to NBC's John Clark, Green highlighted how the 24-year-old is a natural passer, but that he needs to find a healthy medium between facilitating and scoring.

"That's part of growing up. That's part of maturing," the two-time champion said of Simmons' capability to balance out his offensive repertoire. Green goes on to say that Simmons has the IQ to determine when to be more aggressive and, conversely, when to get his teammates involved.

This is not the first time Green is expounding on Simmons' lackluster playoff performance. While on his podcast, "Inside The Green Room,"  the 34-year-old lamented that Simmons "had been going through a lot the whole year, mentally, emotionally." Also, he says that Simmons' ineptitude on the perimeter stems from a lack of encouragement and willingness to stay within his comfort zone.

I saw a kid who had been going through a lot the whole year, mentally, emotionally. Outside off the court with his family, things back home, and he doesn’t necessarily discuss them with us in private, but I knew he was going through a lot. He had some things going on during the season. It might’ve all come at once during this time. But you can tell Ben’s the type of kid if he’s not encouraged, if he’s not pushed or forced to do it, he’s not the type to take that risk.

While Green religiously lauds Simmons for his defensive prowess and all-world passing ability, the three-time All-Star's myopic offensive game was accentuated during this postseason. Simmons was historically bad from the free-throw line — shooting 34.2% — and was concerningly passive throughout the playoffs — including multiple fourth quarters.

It remains to be seen whether Green and Simmons will be in a Sixers uniform next season, as the former is a free agent and the latter has been at the center of a multitude of trade rumors.

Photo Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports