Kyle Lowry Looking for $90 Million


The reports had been out there for a while, that Toronto Raptors free agent Kyle Lowry would be looking for a contract in the $25-30 million dollar range. Now comes word that Lowry is looking at the top end of that range.

The Miami Heat are still the prime contender for his services, but NBA Insider Adam Borai reports that other teams are in the mix as well:

The Lakers and Sixers are still pitching hard for Lowry, and he would be a perfect fit on either of those rosters as well. The problem the Heat face, is that they likely couldn't muster up $30 million in available funds under the cap, and would have to look at a sign-and-trade. And stop me if you've heard this one before: 

Yes, just as the situation unfolded at the trade deadline in March, the Heat are not keen on trading Tyler Herro in a deal to acquire Lowry. In this year's playoffs, Lowry could have made a difference for Miami... How will they proceed with that knowledge under their belt?

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports