Team USA Frustrated With Lack Of Calls; Jared Dudley Believes NBA Should Adopt FIBA Rules

Team USA suffered their second consecutive loss in exhibition play on Monday, falling to Australia 91-83. While they are still in the feeling-out process of international play — and remain heavy favorites to win the gold — the lack of foul calls appears to be taking a toll on the players. 

According to Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes, the Americans' star-studded cast "have been staring down the officials following no-calls as they’re accustomed to receiving touch fouls or star-treatment officiating in the NBA."

Haynes points to a play in the first half of their game against Australia, in which Tatum was called for an offensive fall. The 23-year-old used his right hand to create separation from his defender but was left incredulous as the officials ruled it illegal. This is a move seldom called in the NBA, especially on players with the cache of Tatum.

While the players representing Team USA have been consternated with the calls — or lack thereof — throughout their first two exhibition games, Lakers veteran Jared Dudley believes the FIBA rules should be incorporated into the NBA. 

In a recent tweet, the 36-year-old lauded the free-flowing and physical nature of international play. Furthermore, he asserts that the players today manipulate their bodies to earn factitious foul calls.

Dudley also revealed that he would religiously exhort NBA referees to swallow their whistles if players are taking advantage of the system. 


Team USA also lost their exhibition opener to Nigeria, which is being dubbed one of the biggest upsets in international sports history.  

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports