CJ McCollum Voted in as NBPA President

After serving as Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association, CJ McCollum has officially been voted in as President, succeeding two-term President Chris Paul

McCollum had been a VP of the NBPA since 2018 and will be tasked with searching for the a new Executive Director to replace Michele Roberts, who has been leading the NBPA since 2014. Two-year man Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics has been named McCollum's successor as VP. McCollum stated the following in a release on the NBPA website

I am grateful for this opportunity to take over as the new president of the NBPA. Chris has done an incredible job over the last 8 years, strengthening the voice of the players as a whole and using his platform to make sure our membership is taken care of on and off the court. I look forward to stepping into this role and to further growing the game so that future players can continue to learn and benefit from the Union's work.

Outgoing President Chris Paul sent out a message on Twitter, and wished McCollum good luck.

One of Paul's lasting legacies will be the fact that he spearheaded the vote to include all former NBA players into the NBPA's medical insurance, saving the lives of many former athletes. At the time, Paul said the following about the decision

The game has never before been more popular, and all the players in our league today recognize that we're only in this position because of the hard work and dedication of the men who came before us. It's important that we take care of our entire extended NBA family, and I'm proud of my fellow players for taking this unprecedented step to ensure the health and well-being of our predecessors.
Congrats to McCollum on winning the Presidential vote! 

Photo Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports