Most Stressed NBA Fanbase? New Research Has The Obvious Answer


It's never been easy to be a Philadelphia sports fan, but the 76ers have really been testing that old axiom over the past few seasons. Now, a new online study by has provided the proof: Sixers fans are the most stressed fanbase in the NBA. 

BETUS explains how they polled the stress levels of online comments of fans on Twitter and Reddit from every team, to come up with their conclusions:

In order to conduct the research, BETUS pulled 100,000 tweets and forums for each team and ran them through a tool called TensiStrength to determine the level of stress and relaxation. “Tensions are high for sports fans when it comes to the biggest games in the league, and Reddit and Twitter are safe spaces for them to let off some steam".

Boston Celtics fans are noted to be of the stressed-out variety as well, finishing tied for 2nd in the study with Cleveland Cavaliers followers.

The Sixers, however, have suffered some extraordinarily stressful playoff losses in recent years, from the Kawhi Leonard 4-bounce rim shot that broke the hearts of Joel Embiid and their fans in Game 7 against the Toronto Raptors in 2019...

...To the Ben Simmons debacle this past season, Philly fans have been through a lot, and now can be "officially" labeled as the NBA's Most Stressed. 

Hey, at least Sixers fans can finally say they're No. 1. 

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports