"I'm Damn Sure Tougher!": Charles Barkley Renews Beef With Scottie Pippen


Scottie Pippen's tell-all interview in June of this year with GQ hit on a lot of different subjects, one of which was insinuating that Charles Barkley isn't as tough as he seems to be. It took a couple of months, but Sir Charles has now gone on ESPN Radio to address that claim, and renew a beef that's been simmering for more than 20 years. 

"I don’t walk around saying I’m Billy Badass, but I can promise you one thing -- I’m tougher than Scottie Pippen!" proclaimed Barkley. 

In 1999, Barkley and Pippen were teammates on the Houston Rockets, and as recalled by TMZ Sports, and on his way out of town, Scottie called Charles "fat" and a "loser". Chuck responding by saying Pip better apologize or Barkley might "get arrested for murder."

The two outspoken Hall of Famers have never been ones to shy away from speaking their mind, and Pippen was glad to take another shot at Sir Charles in his GQ article this year, saying he never did apologize, and then doubling down:

[Barkley] plays his role like he’s tough. I don’t know nobody he done whooped. Go back and check his record. 

I ain’t never seen him fight a Black man unless there were referees around.

Barkley now says he feels "sad" for Pippen, and all he was doing with that GQ article was trying to plug his book, and that he was "going big-game hunting, by lashing out at him as well as Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson.

"I’m not no fake tough guy," said Charles. 'I don’t pretend to be a tough guy but I am tougher than Scottie Pippen, I can damn sure promise you that."

Sounds like a cage-match in the making.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports