Raptors Assistant Coach Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife

Toronto Raptors assistant head coach Adrian Griffin has slapped a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, according to TMZ.
The news of the lawsuit comes days after the Raptors have announced that their coaching staff has been locked in. 

Back in August, 2020 his ex-wife, Audrey Griffin, laced into the former NBA player in a post on social media, accusing him of multiple transgressions. Nearly a year after the accusations, Griffin has hit back with his lawsuit and stated the following through his lawyer:

These were all lies, completely fabricated to take advantage of the current online climate where a woman’s unsupported accusation would be inherently believed, no matter how false or far-fetched. In today’s lost cancel culture, where angry mobs patrol the bowels of social media ready to pounce, an accusation, with or without evidence, is the equivalent of a conviction. Sterling knew her accusations to be false. She made them anyway, and persisted in making them, until her thirst for blood was quenched.
Griffin put together a nine-year career in the NBA, averaging 4.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 1.4 apg in 477 career games before embarking on a coaching career that has seen him on the sidelines in five different cities, which includes his current job in Toronto. 

Photo Credit: Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports