Retired From the NBA Four Years, 12-Year Vet Wants To Make a Comeback: "I Can Still Play Five Years!"

He hasn't played in the NBA since the 2016-17 season with the Indiana Pacers, a year in which his scoring dropped off considerably, but now, at age 35, Monta Ellis wants back in the league.

"I believe I still have a lot in my tank," said Ellis. "I can still play five years."

Ellis averaged better than 18 PPG in his 12-year NBA career, until his final season with the Pacers ended with a precipitous dropoff to just 8.5 PPG, lowering his career average to just a tad under the 18 per game mark.

But Ellis told Alder Almo that he can definitely come back and help a playoff team. "I'm not asking for no $5 million...or $10 million... All I'm asking is to get a look." The money isn't an issue for him, as the Pacers, according to Almo, still owe him $2.5 million this coming season as part of the $11 million dollar buyout they arranged when they waived him in 2017. 

Ellis said he walked away from the game after that due to some mental health issues. “It’s just felt like that my mental health was way more important. I felt like my family and kids needed me more. There’s a lot of things that affected me off the court."

"My main thing is, just bring me in and give me a look. Like you could make the decision on me. I just want a shot."

Photo Credit:  Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports