Report: Ben Simmons & Doc Rivers Relationship is "Irreparably Damaged"

When Doc Rivers said he "didn't know" if Ben Simmons can be the point guard on a championship team, after the Philadelphia 76ers' 2nd round elimination at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks, the relationship between the two suffered "significant damage", according to a report by PhillyVoice's Kyle Neubeck

The report goes on to say that the broken relationship is "irreparable". The Sixers, for their part, naturally, are saying that they believe "the fences can be mended." Of course, they'd have to say that, unless they want to give away any last bit of negotiating power they have as they try desperately to trade Simmons. 

There are rumors that the beleaguered, shooting-challenged point guard has broken off all communication with the team, though Nuebeck's report indicates that "not everybody in the organization" has been cut off, according to some teammates. 

He goes on to say that if a trade is not consummated soon, Simmons will eventually state his desires unequivocally, by either "delivering an ultimatum at training camp, no-showing team events, or signaling his intent to play and compete" in Philly as long as he's a Sixer. 

The story suggests that the San Antonio Spurs might be entering the Simmons Sweepstakes, either to land him themselves, or potentially as a "silent partner", perhaps in helping facilitate a deal to Portland, IF Damian Lillard ever actually becomes available. 

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports