Video: Late Night Host David Letterman Hilariously Hijacks Kevin Durant's Media Day Conference

Media Day does have a tendency to get a little dry and stiff, with reporters sometimes asking the same, mundane questions that players have to answer every year. But in New York (Brooklyn to be exact), former late-night talk show host/comedian David Letterman spiced it up a bit, with Kevin Durant:

Identifying himself as "Dave from Basketball Digest", Letterman asked Durant why people called him "KD". Durant, stone-faced—he must enjoy playing the straight man—gave a straight-laced answer: 

“My first name is Kevin with a K... and my last name is Durant with a D.”

Letterman then asked him, “What percentage do you plan to give on the court this year? 90? 95? 100? 110?” to which Durant, just as flatly answered "110%".

But the comedian wasn't done yet. He then asked KD something about the Nets' crosstown rivals:

At this point, Durant seems to have had enough. After Letterman suggested that he just got off the phone with the Dolans (owners of the New York Knicks), and that they're working on a contractual deal that would allow KD to play for the Knicks on off-days, Durant said "Alright Dave, that was the last one." 

But Letterman did get Durant to break a smile when he then asked him "What about when you play the Pelicans, does that make you giggle?" To which Durant did, actually, giggle, with a "yeah."

After Letterman "signed off", Durant summed it up with “They let anyone in here.”

Photo Credit: Grace Hollars/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC