New York City To "Revisit" Vaccine Mandate; Could Be An Opening for Kyrie Irving

Is New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams a Brooklyn Nets fan? Adams has vowed to "revisit" the city's vaccine mandate when he takes office on January 1st. To be clear, Adams doesn't mention the Nets' Kyrie Irving—who has been forced to sit out this season thus far due to his refusal to get vaccinated—but rather wants to "meet with union leaders and come to a resolution."

Kyrie's decision to refuse to be vaccinated left the Nets no choice but to ban him from the team, until he can become a full participant. 

Already, that decision has cost him a huge contract extension, and the word is that his trade value is "virtually zero."

In the meantime, the Nets continue to trudge along with a 4-3 record this season, currently tied for the 8 spot in the Eastern Conference. Not exactly what the team with championship aspirations had in mind. 

Is it possible that the new NYC Mayor will provide relief for anti-vaxxers working not only in unions around the city but also those employed by NBA teams? The new year could tell the tale.

Photo Credit:  Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sport