NBA Finally Discussing Elimination of "Take Fouls" That Kill Fast Breaks

The new rules changes this season to eliminate ref-baiting with "non-basketball" moves have been a huge success, by all accounts (unless you talk to James Harden and Trae Young). Now, the league is officially looking at doing something about the other scourge that's infiltrated the league in recent years: "Take fouls" where, in transition, a team intentionally fouls an offensive player to kill the fast break. 

According to NBA insider Shams Charania, the league's Competition Committee has "encouraged the league office to develop a rule change that would eliminate incentive to utilize the tactic in future."

This has been the hot topic of conversation this season, as teams everywhere are increasingly using this tactic to stop the opponent before they can even get started on the fast break. Most would agree that fast breaks are one of the most exciting plays in basketball. 

Draymond Green just came out to praise the NBA for its crackdown on the new "ref-baiting" rules, however he is also one of the most common perpetrators of the "take foul", as seen above, and here below, scrambling to try and give a foul numerous times as the OKC Thunder run out on the fast break:

To be clear, there is already a "clear path foul" rule, in which no defender is ahead of the offensive player with the transition scoring opportunity, and the ball is ahead of the tip of the circle in the backcourt. But as the "take fouls" seem to happen anywhere on the court and in any situation, the Competition Committee agrees it needs to be more properly addressed.