Pelicans Player Suspended 25 Games For PED Use


The New Orleans Pelicans 2021-22 season continues to spiral downward. The NBA today has levied a 25-game suspension, without pay, on Pelicans forward Didi Louzada for being in violation of the league's Anti-Drug program.

The 22-year-old Brazilian forward signed a 4-year, $7.7M contract before this season, and based on this year's $1.78M salary, the suspension will cost Louzada $544,780 in lost wages. That's some expensive steroids. 

The impact for the Pelicans on the court, however, won't be enormous, as Louzada has played only 7 minutes over two games this season, scoring a grand total of 0 points, with 2 rebounds and one assist. 

As is usually the case, the player has denied knowingly ingesting any banned substances. But you kind of feel sorry for Louzada, if his explanation is true: “When I was in Brazil during the offseason, I consulted a nutritionist who recommended I take some vitamins and supplements. Because she has a history of working with professional athletes, I would never have imagined that any of those substances would be banned or could be contaminated."

He has apologized to his teammates, the organization, and fans. 

The Pelicans wallow along near the very bottom of the NBA standings, with a 2-14 record, as they continue to wait for Zion Williamson to get in game-shape.

Photo Credit: Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports