No Return In Sight for Zion Williamson: "He’s Not Close to Taking the Floor!"

As if this season hasn't been enough of a disaster already for the 2-12 New Orleans Pelicans. According to reports, it appears that they won't be getting Zion Williamson back for the foreseeable future. 

 "They keep pushing back the timeline," says NBA insider Shams Charania. "First it was opening night, then it was a month away, then it was 2-3 more weeks away.... He's already missed a month and a half of the season. What is the point of bringing him back if they are (2-12)... that's not good enough for Zion Williamson to really be putting himself under stress."

Zion shocked NBA observers on Media Day when he dropped the news that he had suffered a broken foot in the summer. Charania says he's still not recovered, and both he and the team agree it's just not time for a return. 

“It’s both doctors… on Zion Williamson’s side, on the Pelicans side," continued Charania. "Because I’m told not only the bone isn’t fully healing yet, listen. He needs to be in game shape as well… he’s just not there yet.”

As for being in game shape, the workout video that leaked a couple of weeks back certainly confirms that Williamson has, shall we say, a few extra pounds to shed before he's game-ready.