NBA Rumors: Kemba Walker For John Wall


Well, this would make for an interesting swap. Rumors are circulating that the New York Knicks could be looking to trade newly-benched point guard Kemba Walker in return for another spurned point guard, John Wall. 

A. Sherrod Blakely of Bleacher Report writes that "multiple league sources say the Knicks will look to trade Walker", and that one source close to the Knicks believes that they may have a viable partner in the Houston Rockets, "who are eager to move" fellow-outcast John Wall. 

Both players' careers have been derailed by a series of injuries, and neither of them have great trade value at this point. One Eastern Conference executive told Blakely that's what makes a deal for either of these former All-Stars difficult right now.

"It's so tricky because you're talking about two players who are never going to get back to where they were and, to be frank, aren't going to live up to the contracts that are on the books for them now," said the exec. "You can't just add them and be good with that."

But trading them for each other? Could that potentially solve both teams' problems? 

Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau officially pulled Walker from the team's rotation on Monday, while Wall has taken to social media in his beef with the Rockets over his potential return to the lineup. 

And of course, the real problem around this, or any trade of John Wall, is the $91M elephant in the room. That being what's still owed on Wall's contract this year and next. 

Photo Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports