"I Just Threw Up In My Mouth!": Kyrie Irving ROASTED by Former All-Star

Kyrie Irving made his official "return" to the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, appearing at practice for the first time in nearly 3 months, after his self-chosen exile for remaining unvaccinated. His comments to the media have left at least one former NBA All-Star repulsed. 

After listening to a clip of Kyrie saying he had a "thought process of being a full-time teammate" coming into the season, former 13-year NBA vet and 2-time All-Star Reggie Theus reacted on SiriusXM NBA Radio with "I just threw up in my mouth... Most of us who are rationally-thinking people (realize) he's just waaay 'over there', man... If you're not willing to do what's best for everybody then you just can't be a part of it, regardless of winning or losing." 

As for the Kyrie clip about wanting to help the Nets win a championship, Theus responded just as honestly:

He's already shown us he doesn't care. He already showed us that what's best for him and his mindset.. it's not about the greater good. It's about how HE feels about HIS situation... He's already shown us his colors... I'm not convinced he cares about anybody than himself.

Speaking as a 13-year veteran, Theus wondered how his teammates might react when the Nets have a long homestand and Irving is ineligible to play due to the New York City vaccine mandate: "It's difficult for a team to get a rhythm. 'Hey Kyrie, tell everybody at the club I say 'what's up?'.. While you're over there at the club, we're gonna be ballin' over here. We're gonna be grinding, trying to keep things together, so that when you come back, you can anoint us with your presence on the road.'"

As for Irving's statements about "just praying for everybody to be healthy," Theus summed it all up by mocking Kyrie's voice with this: "'I wanna make sure everybody's healthy and I'm praying for that... only if we do it my way'."