Jordan Clarkson Says Luxury Sports Car Is Only Reason He Didn't Go After A Fan


A fan in San Antonio "crossed the line" for the Utah Jazz' Jordan Clarkson on Monday night, berating him with "malicious stuff" all game. But just as he was about to go after the fan, he thought better of it. After all, the fines he would have been hit with could have cost his daughter a luxury sports car. 

Teammates and security had to step in when Clarkson started to take a step toward the obnoxious fan. Then sanity prevailed. "I can't go into the crowd," Jordan said he thought to himself. "That guy won't lose anything. I'll lose money. That could go to my daughter. She could buy a Bugatti or something."

Clarkson must have been expecting one hefty fine for what he was about to do. A Bugatti goes for just under $2M. The 29-year-old's daughter is 3 years old.

He continued to explain how revolting the fan was: "The guy just keeps antagonizing me, like almost challenges me like, "What you gonna do?'... There's no room for that. We come here to entertain, play basketball, compete, put on a show. We're not trying to deal with fans being too drunk or being whatever at the games, trying to start anything. It did cross the line."

"Fans gotta learn we're human, we're people too. Stuff like that just can't fly."

All's well that ends well, as Clarkson stayed in the game, and finished 23 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in the Jazz' 110-104 win over the Spurs. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports