"I Didn't Know Who He Was!": Even Teammates Can't Keep Track Of All The Replacements

 With over 70 players signed to "hardship" exceptions in the league, players, teammates and announcers are having a hard time remembering who's who. 

After Monday night's Minnesota Timberwolves win, replacement player Greg Monroe, who hasn't been in the league since 2019, looked at the stat sheet, and had no idea who one of his teammates was. 

"I'm not gonna lie ... Jaylen Nowell played awesome tonight," said the 9-year NBA vet Monroe. "I didn't know who he was... That was my first time seeing him."

On Sunday, the Toronto Raptors had four newcomers meet the remaining 4 bench players who were still available to play, on the team bus on the way to the game. And as noted by Eric Koreen of The Athletic, instead of watching game film of the opponent before the game, coach Nick Nurse had them watch game film of each other, so they'd have some idea of who their new teammates were. 

The wackiness of it all has extended to the broadcast booth, too, of course. 

Los Angeles Clippers' announcers couldn't remember who the Brooklyn Net was who just hit a bucket. But Langston Galloway, who just signed his 2nd 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets, responded on Twitter, saying he's using it as motivation.

"I’m Gone Make Them Remember Me! Stay Uncomfortable," wrote Galloway. The 30-year-old is on his 3rd team in three years. 

Hopefully, the new reduced isolation time for vaccinated players will help teams return to a bit more normalcy soon, and formal introductions amongst teammates won't be needed too much longer. 

Photo Credit:  Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports