Miles Bridges Clowns Andre Drummond For 'Flop': "He Had His Chance To Do Something"

A shove in the lane led to some harsh words in Wednesday night's game between the Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers. Miles Bridges bumped Drummond in the back trying to get rebounding position under the basket. The Sixers center was sent flying to the ground. 

Drummond was not happy, and told Bridges as much. The two went at it nose-to-nose, and were handed double technical fouls. 

But afterwards, the 6-foot-6, 225 pound Bridges wasn't having any of it, accusing the much larger Drummond of flopping. 

 "How big is he? Seven foot, 280? It’s nothing," said Bridges. He then went on to say that the whole show of anger by Drummond was never going to amount to anything. "Nobody is ever going to fight in the NBA. The NBA is kind of like WWE. Ain’t nobody about to fight. He had his chance to do something but it's all for entertainment."

The 'disagreement' could also have resulted from a new wrinkle in the NBA schedule this season, that sees teams play each other two straight games. The Sixers beat the Hornets in a hard-fought closely-contested game for the 2nd time in 3 days in this one, both in Charlotte. 

These teams will meet again in just over a month, on Jan. 12th, in Philly.