Myles Turner Wants Out of Indiana "It's Clear That I'm Not Valued..."

Approaching the midway point in December, with trade rumors surrounding virtually every team in the league, it seems like a trade (or a number of trades) are just over the horizon.  Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers has heard his name come up and he made it clear that he wouldn't mind if he was the first player moved when he spoke with The Athletic.
It’s clear that I’m not valued as anything more than a glorified role player here, and I want something more, more opportunity. I’m trying really hard to make the role that I’m given here work and find a way to maximize it. I’ve been trying to the past two, three seasons. But it’s clear to me that, just numbers-wise, I’m not valued as more than a rotational role player, and I hold myself in a higher regard than that.

It's safe to say that the talented center has had enough of Indiana.  He is currently playing for his fourth coach in seven seasons, and Turner isn't interested in being a role player, especially on a rebuilding team.  The 25-year-old should have plenty of suitors, as outlined by Dave Litman, due to his unique skillset and reasonable contract ($17.5 million per season).  Turner is an absolute beast when it comes to blocking shots, leading the league with 2.8 per game while also shooting 39% on his 3-pointers.   If he can keep his current pace and play the majority of remaining games, Turner will become just the 16th player in NBA history to have 100 blocks and 100 3PM in the same season.

Turner has averaged more than 30 minutes per game in only two of his seven seasons with Indiana and his per-minute averages look favourable so it's hard to argue that he doesn't deserve more playing time at this point in his career, especially considering the lack of depth at that position around the league.  

Wherever Turner ends up, that team is getting a young, talented and motivated center that has a game that is tailor-made for the current NBA.  

Photo Credit: © Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports