Zion Williamson Latest Is More Depressing News For Pelicans


When it comes to hopes of a Zion Williamson return to NBA action, it appears that the old adage 'one step forward and two steps back' is the only way to describe it. 

It was only last week that Pelicans fans were getting their hopes up, as the team expected Zion—recovering from a broken foot suffered in the summer—to return to practice as of Dec. 2nd. But as a new ESPN Outside the Lines report noted on Wednesday, that has not been the case.

Unfortunately, said ESPN's Andrew Lopez, Zion "was still feeling some soreness in that foot, and they dialed him back over last week... As of Tuesday, he has not ramped back up. They are still waiting for some of that soreness to go away, so it could still be a little while." 

Before he's able to return, Williamson first needs to go through a series of ramp-up workouts, from 3-on-3, progressing to 4-on-4, then finally 5-on-5 before he gets to where he needs to be.

What's making matters worse for the 21-year-old budding superstar, is that the social media trolls have been out big-time on him about his weight possibly..well, weighing him down, as he rehabs. 

Although his listed playing weight is 285 pounds, ESPN's Tim McMahon reported on Tuesday's The Lowe Post podcast that he's heard from "several sources" that Zion is weighing in at 330 pounds these days. Posts like this one taken this week don't help matters:

The Pelicans are fighting back against the weight-clowning, however, as the team's VP of basketball operations, Swin Cash, posted a rebuttal on Twitter that suggests these types of reports are bogus: 

"Imagine photoshopping a 21yr old every chance you get and leaving harsh comments for likes, whew the clown behavior really is shocking Especially from adults!" wrote Cash. 

Meantime, the Zion Watch continues...

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports