Video: Lillard Speaks Out For Himself On Trade Rumors


Damian Lillard has heard the talk, he's heard the rumors. He wants to be traded here... he wants to be traded there... Well, now, here's the word, straight from the horse's mouth on how DAME feels about being traded:

"I'm not asking for a trade. I don't know how many times I gotta say it," said Lillard on Wednesday. 

"I sit in the office with Chauncey (Billups, head coach) every day... I'm trying to find solutions every day... So why would I be a part of trying to find solutions if I'm planning on an exit?"

"My intentions are to be in Portland, and figure it out... But I also know that people are going to continue to have these conversations cuz it's fun to talk about. But, that sh*t is not accurate!"

He says he's "not a fool" and wouldn't give any inside deets to people who are not close to him, in his camp. 

Meanwhile, the Blazers are apparently ready to start shaking things up in order to improve the roster. Could be a busy time ahead in Rip City.

Photo Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports