Markief Morris Still Fuming At Jokic, Calls Him "Sloppy Fat Boy"

It's been exactly two months since the altercation between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris, and the Miami Heat forward hasn't played a game since, sitting out the last 30 contests. He celebrated the two-month anniversary with a ridiculous taunt on Twitter:

"Ain’t shit wild about it! It’s a real injury! Imagine having a 300-pound sloppy fat boy run full speed and make direct contact with your spine! I’ll be back soon like I said." 

After Morris bodychecked Jokic with a silly "take foul" and turned his back, Jokic returned the favor by ramming Morris to the floor from behind. The Heat forward suffered whiplash, and has still not returned from the injury.

The incident got even more bizarre when the scary Jokic Brothers and the Morris twins traded threats after the game.  

Jokic, meanwhile, has gone on to post another MVP-caliber season thus far, averaging 25.7 points, 14.2 rebounds and 7 assists. His 32.2 PER (Player Efficiency Rating) is currently the highest of all-time, just a tick above the all-time record he set last year in his MVP season. 

Not bad for a "sloppy fat boy."