NBA Rumors: Kings Reportedly Ready to Deal Stars for Ben Simmons


As we get closer to the trade deadline, just over a month away, buzz is starting to heat up again over Ben Simmons. A new report this week has the Sacramento Kings now willing to trade either De'Aaron Fox or Tyrese Haliburton in a package for Simmons. 

According to Kyle Neubeck of the Philly Voice, "in all likelihood, sources say, a deal involving Fox would almost certainly have to be a three-team deal, moving Fox to another party in order to get what the Sixers think they need."

Reason being is that the Sixers don't feel they have a need for Fox at this point, reports Neubeck, as Tyrese Maxey has been running the show quite well, thanks. He writes that Philly would prefer "to keep rolling with the hard-working kid they already have in-house."

As for Haliburton, Neubeck reports that "the Sixers like (him) and feel good about his potential fit." However, he might not fit the mold of a "primary" player they're looking for in return for Simmons, so there would have to be other pieces to make it a more "extravagant" return. 

In the end though, Nuebeck feels, and probably the Sixers do as well, that any trades like these will probably not make them a championship contender for this season. Team president Daryl Morey wants a "difference-maker", shall we say in the Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal mold. 

Thus, "there’s plenty of justification," Neubeck writes, "to push this saga another five to six months into the future, waiting for just one angsty star to fall from the sky."

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports