Video: Steven Adams Picks Up and Carries 6'10" Tony Bradley During Altercation

NBA fans were in for a treat Monday afternoon as two of the league's best teams from opposing conferences were set to square off when the Chicago Bulls visited the Memphis Grizzlies.  Both the Bulls and Grizzlies are coming off of lengthy win streaks recently and as a result, they are 4th (Memphis) and 5th (Chicago) in the league-wide standings.  The Bulls had their 9-game winning streak broken last Sunday by the Mavericks, and the Grizzlies had won a franchise-record 11 straight games before that same Mavs team broke their streak last Friday in Memphis.  

Tensions boiled over in this matchup between potential title contenders when Bulls center Tony Bradley tripped up Grizzlies star and MVP candidate Ja Morant with under six minutes left in the 4th quarter.  Ja took exception and went back at Bradley, and when a bit of a scuffle broke out and Bradley refused to let go of Morant, Grizzlies enforcer and by most accounts the league's strongest man Steven Adams then proceeded to pick up the 6'10", 248 lb Bradley and carry him away from the action.  Putting him down gently in a manner that was equal parts gentle and humiliating for the 5th year pro out of North Carolina, Bradley has likely never felt as powerless as he did here:
The carry-off must have had a soothing effect on the young Center, or perhaps he simply realized he bit off more than he could chew when he challenged Morant and by proxy - the big New Zealander.  The Grizzlies went on to win 119-106 in an impressive showing, but after the game, all anyone wanted to talk about was Adams' freakish display of strength.  
Photo Credit: © Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports