Kyrie Irving Feels "No Guilt" As He Sits Out Next 4 Games With Nets Reeling

The Brooklyn Nets are plummeting to new depths, now on an incredible 11-game losing streak. Not that part-time player Kyrie Irving's presence has been of much help in recent road games, but now they'll be without him for the next four games, which are all in New York. And after that, they have games against the Milwaukee Bucks, the red-hot Toronto Raptors, the Miami Heat, and the blistering Boston Celtics. 

With nary a winnable game in sight, does Kyrie feel any guilt for his decision to sit out half of the games? He bristled at the question asked by a reporter:

Play your media games with somebody else bro, please... There’s no guilt that I feel. I’m the only player who has to deal with this in New York City because I play there. If I was anywhere else in another city then there probably wouldn’t be the same circumstances.

He went on to take umbrage with others in "public spaces", as he put it, that have been mocking him. "I’m noticing people like to make jokes about what’s going on: Half game or half man. My family has to see that stuff, my teammates have to see that."

No doubt he's referring to the epic clowning TNT's Charles Barkley dropped on him this past week: Half-Man, Half-A-Season.

With Kevin Durant still out for a couple of weeks at least, and the uncertainty of when newly-acquired Ben Simmons will be 'mentally ready' to play, the immediate future is looking bleak for the Nets. 

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports