NBA Rumors: 3 Centers Most Likely To Be Traded

One of the most difficult challenges for teams at this trade deadline is finding a serviceable big man. The Indiana Pacers have set a huge price for Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner (plus Turner is currently injured), so teams in need are looking elsewhere for a more affordable option. 

According to NBA Insider Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, these centers are 3 of the most likely to be traded:

Serge Ibaka

The Los Angeles Clippers are likely going to be sellers at the deadline. The potential luxury tax savings for unloading his $9M contract would be massive for the Clippers, and the former NBA champ is not really a big part of the LA rotation at this point. But he can still be a fit in a few places, even perhaps for a buyout. Fischer mentions the OKC Thunder as a potential landing spot.   

Daniel Theis 

Toronto and Boston (the latter for a reunion) are two of the many teams that have been connected to the Houston Rockets center. The Raptors' desire for its own center reunion, with Jakob Poeltl, is unlikely to be consummated, as the San Antonio Spurs have set his price very high. Theis is basically out of the Rockets rotation, but at 29 years old, still offers a cheap, decent veteran option for teams at the five, and he has a fairly robust market, according to Fischer

"For a guy on an $8M (annually) deal over the next four years... you're trading for him for professionalism and above-average play. I think it's very feasible for him to get dealt, and I think the Rockets honestly signed him (this past summer) simply to trade him later."

Nerlens Noel

"I've heard the (Knicks) have made outgoing calls on him... They have to clear roster space and minutes." The other two Knicks on the block have impediments to getting a deal done: Kemba Walker's declining abilities, and Evan Fournier's large contract mean that "Nerlens seems like a very likely candidate to go." 

Plus, watch his silky smooth performance in this killer rum ad: