Video: Dwight Howard Hilariously Mocks Charles Barkley & Shaq Before Game

If it's a TNT game, and the Los Angeles Lakers are playing, that can only mean one thing: Plenty of jokes at the Lakers' expense. At least, that's what LA center Dwight Howard was expecting as he entered the building last night, while hilariously mocking Charles Barkley and Shaq:

"TNT? Aw crap!" said Howard as he encountered a cameraman in bowels of arena. "Is that bad?" the crewmember asked. "Yes! Aaaugh.... We gotta hear Charles and Shaq talk." 

After a quick mumbling impression of Shaq, he went into his best Barkley voice, "Lemme tell you about the Los Angeles Lakers.. The Los Angeles Lakers..They not winning because...(laughter)."

Certainly, the Lakers have given many observers reason for them to be the butt of jokes thus far this season, and no doubt the buzzer-beating loss to the Clippers last night didn't help matters. Watch Reggie Jackson literally skip through the Lakers downcourt to win it: