NBA Rumors: Jerami Grant Trade Talks Update


The Detroit Pistons "have established a pretty high price" for top scorer Jerami Grant, understandable as he is heavily in demand in the next week before the Feb. 10th trade deadline. And make no mistake, they are in no way 'under the gun' to move him, either. 

NBA Insider Marc Stein said today that "at this point, nobody's come close to meeting their evaluation for him. So when you combine that the offers are somewhat underwhelming to this point, and the fact that (Pistons GM) Troy Weaver is the biggest Jerami Grant fan on earth, we have to consider the possibility that there may not be a trade."

Stein does believe that the Pistons will be trading Grant eventually, perhaps this offseason. It's at that point that he'll be looking for a 4-year, $112M contract extension. 

He recognizes that the combination of those extension demands, plus the desire to be a "primary option" for any team he goes to, have worked to dampen the incoming offers.

Teams most heavily in pursuit for Grant have included the Washington Wizards, the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks and the Portland Trail Blazers, among others. 

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports