"What The Heck Is Going On?!": Zion Williamson Called Out For "Insane" Behavior By Ex-Teammate

When word leaked over the weekend that the newest New Orleans Pelican CJ McCollum had yet to hear from the team's franchise player Zion Williamson nearly two full weeks after the trade, it raised a lot of eyebrows. None more, it appears, than Zion's former teammate in New Orleans, JJ Redick. 

This is a little bit insane to me. There’s a general decorum of behavior you should apply as a teammate!…. This just shows a complete lack of investment in your team, your organization, in the city.  

Redick went on to describe Zion as a "detached teammate." 

"This is a pattern of behavior we are seeing from Zion.... This is worrisome," continued Redick." I was his teammate, I can describe him as a detached teammate. That is an accurate statement. This is a basic level of humanity being a teammate: send a text to a guy when he gets traded to your team. This is just normal behavior! What the heck is going on??

McCollum told TNT at All-Star Weekend, “I haven’t had conversations with him directly. I’ve spoken with some people close to him, and I look forward to sitting down with him sooner than later. I know about as much as you do right now, but I’m gonna get to the bottom of it.”

This of course only exacerbates the questions that have been prevalent of late, of whether Williamson really wants to be in New Orleans. 

Whether he wants to be a Pelican or not, Zion has had problems with his broken foot (and his weight) throughout this lost season, and has yet to suit up for the Pels. 

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports