Joel Embiid Meets 'RIP Bozo' Meme Hater Dude

Immediately after his nemesis Ben Simmons was traded earlier this month, Joel Embiid savagely posted an infamous viral meme that essentially stated a man's great satisfaction to see one of his "biggest haters" put six feet under. The original meme came with the hashtag #RIPBozo. 

The meme creator has credited Embiid with landing him some major cash after his Simmons-inspired post. And now Embiid was able to meet the man behind the meme, who goes by the name BigFendiTV. He was there at All-Star Weekend in Cleveland, and they snapped this photo together. 

BigFendi captioned it "Had to run up on my guy @joelembiid . He tweeted my Iconic Instagram hater post when Phily traded bum A** Ben Simmons.That tweet landed me Multiple 7 figure situations … “It’s funny how a complete stranger can position you to make millions faster then a n**** you knew all your Life”.

Here's what Embiid posted after the trade:

After his post, Embiid tried to feign ignorance about the meaning behind it, despite the caption the original Instagram post came with: "I stopped by one of my biggest haters funeral today 🙏🏾 Just to make sure that n**** was dead 😢 #RipBoZo".

Another notch for The Process in his MVP-worthy season.