NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Is Open To Being Recruited

Washington Wizards fans have to be wondering exactly what Bradley Beal has up his sleeve this offseason. While always stating that he is happy in D.C. and wants to remain with the Wizards, he now says he's open to being recruited. 

Beal can turn down his $36M option and become a free agent after the season. And appearing on Draymond Green's podcast this past week, he said he's "embracing" the recruitment process:

I’m kind of embracing everything, so I’m not upset about the rumors, I’m not upset about, you know, teams wanting me. I feel like that’s a good thing, right? We put in the work and we’re wanted by a lot of people, not just where we’re at.

After 10 years in a Wizards uniform — the only team he's ever known in the NBA —Beal says the current situation makes him feel like a college recruit again. 

It’s kind of funny. I’ve never been a free agent. It’s kind of reminding me of college recruiting. Like I hear every single game somebody’s recruiting me. Someone’s like tagging on me, whether it’s another player or whether it may be a coach or whoever it may be, somebody’s chit-chatting: ‘B, what you want to do this summer? What you doing this summer?'

Beal can sign a 5-year, $245M contract with the Wizards as a free agent, but unless he's able to work out a sign-and-trade somewhere, he would receive tens of millions less than that if he leaves to sign with another team.  

Photo Credit:  Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports