Report: Phil Jackson Now Playing Role Within Lakers Braintrust

 The Los Angeles Lakers' current season continues to spiral out of control, but the 17-time champions are apparently reaching firmly into the past for some help. According to Sam Amick and Bill Oram of The Athletic, former head coach Phil Jackson "has been in frequent contact with (Lakers owner Jeanie) Buss about team matters all season long."

The 76-year-old Jackson has been particularly interested, according to Amick and Oram, in the "complicated and often uncomfortable dynamics surrounding the (Russell) Westbrook situation."

The connections are obvious. Jackson won 5 titles as head coach of the Lakers; he's very close with the team's senior basketball advisor (his former assistant coach, and former Laker player) Kurt Rambis; not to mention that he's also the ex-fiancee of Jeanie Buss. 

Heck, Phil's presence was even enough to coax a win out of LeBron and Co. on Sunday night against the Warriors. 

The revelation of Jackson's increased influence could make for an interesting dynamic around the team, point out Oram and Amick. LeBron James hasn't always been a fan, in fact once stating bluntly, I’m not a fan of Phil Jackson.”

Is Jackson ready to take on a bigger role with the team? The next moves in Lakerland will certainly be worth watching.