Westbrook & Wife Receiving Death Threats

It's officially gone completely off the rails in Lakerland. The wife of beleaguered Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook has unleashed a fury of tweets, accusing fans of making death threats. 

"When I’m being harassed on a daily basis over basketball games," wrote Nina Westbrook, "and I’m having obscenity’s and death wishes for me and my family sent my way because you’re expressing your “truth”, it’s hard for me to get on board with that."

Russ's wife went on to show her support for her husband.  

"I don’t need to defend him. I love and support him through all of the unwarranted hate and negativity that he receives," said Mrs. Westbrook. She concluded by saying that she hopes "that the amazing and talented players that come after him don’t have to be subjected to this type of shaming, name-calling, and public scrutiny for playing the game that they love."

Today's 7-fold tweetstorm follows up her recent blasting of Skip Bayless for his continued use of the name "Westbrick" when referring to her husband. 

"I’m tired you @RealSkipBayless calling my husband out of his name. It is extremely childish. That is my name as well, and many other peoples name. You’re disrespectful, and I’m extremely offended by your behavior. You should apologize." 

All of this comes a day after Laker legend Magic Johnson said on ABC's NBA Countdown show that if the Lakers don't get out of the Play-In tournament, the Westbrook trade would go down as "the worst trade in Laker history."

The Lakers are currently 28-35, in 9th in the Western Conference.

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports