Chris Paul Responds to the "F**k Chris Paul" Chants in New Orleans

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns came out with a win last night despite being without Devin Booker. Paul took over the game in the fourth quarter and scored 19 points to secure the victory and give the Suns a 2-1 lead over the New Orleans Pelicans. After the game, Paul was asked by a reporter about the "F**k Chris Paul" chants in New Orleans, and Paul had an interesting response. 

Paul played for the then New Orleans Hornets from 2005-to 2011 before changing their name to the Pelicans. The team that drafted him, played a huge role in solidifying him as a top guard in the NBA. Paul was also part of the temporary relocation to Oklahoma City after Hurricane Katrina devastated the majority of the city of New Orleans. Paul earned rookie of the year as part of the Hornets as well, so it is safe to say that there is a lot of history between Paul and the city of New Orleans. 

When he was asked about the chants that directed expletives toward Paul, he initially did not know what those chants were. After being told by the reporter post-game, Paul responded with "Ah Nah this's my people man." He was clearly not phased by those chants and in fact, proclaims at one point that you can't "base a select number of people on an entire group."

The implication is that Paul does not think that the chants reflect how the rest of the city might feel about him. Paul furthered that sentiment by also mentioning that "there will always be so much love between me and the city here, so I'll never pay that no mind." It was an elegant response to an expletive that clearly does not show the relationship Paul has with the city of New Orleans.

The soon-to-be 37-year-old veteran of the league and the Suns look to take a commanding 3-1 lead over the Pelicans on Sunday night. 

Photo Credit © Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports