Goran Dragic Clowns Raptors On Social Media After Their Blowout Loss To Sixers

Things may have gotten ugly for the Toronto Raptors on the court in the second half of their Game 6 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers last night, but former brief Raptor Goran Dragic got even uglier himself when he actually clowned his former team (and their fans) on Twitter. 

Just after the 132-97 loss for Toronto went final, Dragic posted a string of laughing emojis:

The move comes three days after Dragic's self-chosen team, the Brooklyn Nets, were swept out of the playoffs in four straight by the Boston Celtics, prompting Raptors fans to clown Dragic for his previous statement of having "higher ambitions" this NBA season than to be with the Raptors. 

When those "higher ambitions" turned out to actually be much lower, fans had some fun with it, and then with Dragic's classless tweet.

Whether or not the 36-year-old Dragic ever plays in the NBA again is uncertain, but you can be sure his reception if he ever plays a game in Toronto again will be must-watch TV.