Fan In 2016 Correctly Predicted Ben Simmons Career in Philly

Ben Simmons made himself a focal point of this NBA season, without even playing a game. Demanding a trade out of Philadelphia while claiming mental unreadiness to play may have taken some people by surprise, but not this one fan, who pretty accurately predicted, back in 2016, how Simmons' career in Philly would play out:

"Ben Simmons OBVIOUSLY does NOT want to be a Sixer," posted a fan at about the time he was set to be drafted by Philadelphia. "He wants to go to LA where he thinks the market is better for him. I personally am not a Simmons fan at all and I want them to take Brandon Ingram at #1 because he's an all around better player.

"Simmons will get drafted by the Sixers, throw a hissy fit and mentally separate himself from the team like he did at LSU. He'll probably not re-sign in 4 years. He's an ungrateful, spoiled brat that was silver spoon fed through life who feels like he's entitled to whatever he wants."

Although Simmons did re-sign a 5-year extension with the Sixers in 2019, just two years later he began the "throw a hissy fit and mentally separate himself from the team" part that the fan referred to. 

And while he didn't get to Los Angeles as the fan predicted, he did get to the New York market. 

Word this past week of Simmons undergoing back surgery could help explain why he never did suit up for the Nets after the trade deadline move to Brooklyn, but all in all, this is a crazy prediction to look back on. 

Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports