"He's Dumb As Rocks!": Ex-NBA Player RIPS Patrick Beverley For His Chris Paul Take

Patrick Beverley made headlines on Monday for his very loud and bitter take on future Hall of Fame guard Chris Paul after his Suns got blown out in Game 7 of their Conference semi-final series. 17-year veteran former NBA player Eddie Johnson had his own very vocal response, on SiriusXM NBA Radio

"Patrick Beverley is dumb as rocks! What happened with Minnesota this year? When you're the point guard and y'all can't keep leads. You oughta look in the mirror dude. That's why the Clippers got rid of you!"

After Beverley trashed Chris Paul on Monday, calling him a "cone" on defense, Johnson called the comments "jealous and hateful."

He then turned his attention to Beverley's Clippers bowing out to CP3 and the Suns in last year's Conference Finals. "Patrick Beverley is a loudmouth. He forgot that last year Chris Paul made him his little kid. Abused him... In an important game against the Clippers."  

Always some drama when Pat Bev decides to flap his gums.